Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rab ne Bana di Jodi:

I may be a little late to be giving my reviews but as the wise men say, better late than never...

So I did the usual for this film, dodged all trailers, reviews and spoilers. I even kept very low expectations for this film and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Story: A very beautiful story, very neatly written and fantastically portrayed. A lot of movies these days miss the whole point of the story because of the way they are made (see Tashan, Saawariya, CC2C), but this movie captured the whole essence of the story and that alone makes it a wonderful watch.

Cast: Commendable performances from the veteran stars like SRK and Vinay Pathak, but unexpectedly Anushka Sharma had acted her part fantastically. She didn't seem like the babe of the movie and she definitely stood out, which is a huge thing if you are paired with an attention-grabbing personality (naturally) such as SRK. She is my new favorite, for now.

Songs: Not a huge fan of the songs but the choreography actually made me like some songs.

What I didn't like: SRK as Raj. I dun really like SRK so maybe thats y. I didn't like the typical punjabi linggo with the overly proper english, its funny upto some point but becomes annoying. Then there is this stupid wardrobe that SRK was trying to pass off as the in thing in OSO and now it was the uncoolest attempt at cool.

Overall: I liked it. It wasn't boring(proven by the fact that i didn't get a headache anytime during the movie). For me its 8/10...

PS. There is this one line Anushka says that strikes a chord with me, it goes sumthing like this " ek ladki bus itna chahati hai koi usko itna pyaar kare jitna koi kissi se na kar pay"....<3

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