Friday, January 16, 2009

The Miracle on Hudson

You all must have heard of the breathtaking landing on the freezing Hudson river of an Airbus A320 carrying 155 passengers.
Kudos to the captain, Mr. Chelsey B. Sullenberger III for such a brave landing. :)

Here is what is believed to have transpired:

It is speculated that the crash was caused by a flock of geese that hit both the jet engines thus the "double bird strike". The "bird problem" has already been addressed before. Almost 80000 bird related crashes have occurred from 1990-2007. To think that a crash occurs because of birds is just too sad. I mean its like not a huge reason at all, and having several people killed and injured and millions of dollars of damage done because of birds, it seems much more shocking than a crash because of of mechanical failure. I assume there have been innumerable experiments, suggestions and opinions to fix this problem, from the propane canons to the use of trained Hawks to shoo away the bugging critters. I wonder what else can be done to eradicate this problem...

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