Saturday, February 13, 2010

The saga continues....

It's funny how an offhanded comment, which would have been otherwise ignored if it didn't have the keyword 'Pakistanis' in it, menace our daily lives and what's even funnier is how we can let such a nonsensical catfight between Shah Rukh Khan and the Shiv Sena affect us so much! Isn't it enough that the issue has plagued all the news channels as if the World War 3 just broke that they just had to dig deeper in the issue and stretch it way beyond its elastic limit?! Ah not surprising though, it is innate for the celebs in the film and the politics industry(yes that's right, I called Indian politics an industry) to grasp as much publicity as they can. Its a trap people, shut your TV's off, stand up and do something worth your while. All the signs lead to it, the timing, the intensity, the results.

To be honest I don't even know what these SS people really want? A public apology, what good would that do? Does Shah Rukh Khan's saying 'I'm sorry I'm such a tactless ass' actually make the terrorists crossing our borders retreat? Would it really make the life changing difference at all? OF COURSE NOT. Those suckers don't give a rat's ass about the issue let alone listen to SRK no matter how influential he is. As for the Pakistani players, if you want to oppose their getting on the IPL teams, then direct your opposition on that issue directly. Plus if that's the case then why not oppose the English players, they enslaved India and extorted Indians. If you are gonna hold a grudge, why only over people who didn't really choose to be your sworn-enemies?

I'm not unpatriotic, I love my country, but I don't hate Pakistanis, I don't boycott Made in China products either. This I feel is a misguided anger that is only ruining the mindset of the Indian community. I find it disgusting that even my parents agree with the SS on this one. *Sorry Mom and Dad but I don't hold similar ideals, I like having my mind open till my brains spill out.*

Anyhow this was another example of how dumb people can get!!! Enough said.