Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chandni Chowk 2 China: Stephen Chow meets Bollywood Drama

In simple words, this movie wasn't so bad, it was watchable. People gave it scathing reviews and ended up comparing it with blockbusters from the past like sholay and seeta aur geeta and even kung fu panda. Oh come on, get a life. There have been hundreds and thousands of movies made that every movie seems like, is inspired by or is based on another movie anyway. Although this movie seemed like something Stephen Chow would do(see Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer). Actually I think he might have given justice to the movie and would have made it 10X better.

Akshay Kumar was alrite. He's already mastered being an idiot so nothing new, nothing exciting, Yawn.. moving on Mithun was a surprise, well not really but he had made a good impression on the movie. Deepika was the typical babe of the movie, women should seriously get good roles in Indian movies or just turn down these masala roles, but she did a way better job in this movie than in BAH or OSO. Ranvir delivered. People of the chinese place were a bit overplayed but i guess it was part of the script. The villain, Hojo(whatever the spelling) was okay, so-so. Officer Chang was really good though. I didn't expect any breakthrough performances from anyone anyway.

Cinematography was okay, the script was okay too, some dialogs fell short though like the "yahan mera kaccha fat raha hai, aur tumhe kuch aacha nahi lagra ha" (the writers were clearly on crack). Location was typical kung fu movie location. In short not that great but bearable.

For a country[India] that can't seem to get enough of Kung Fu(HBO in india plays kung fu movies all the time, its so nauseating), this movie got a really cold reception. I think the ff should take the blame:
1. Heavy promotion as a comedy flick, which doesn't really deliver.
2. Tried, tested and overused formula of a nobody becoming the hero at the end.
3. People are getting bored of seeing Akshay Kumar in the same role again n again.
4. People are getting bored of Akshay Kumar period.
5. The key comedy and action scenes were already shown in trailers. I had this same problem with Shrek 2, they had shown all the funny comedy scenes in the trailers that I couldn't enjoy them in the movie per se.
6. A very predictable storyline. Obviously this was a bummer. I mean its a Warner Bros project, you expect something huge, but this movie fell short.
7. Ghajini has left people more inclined to viscious-mind boggling action sequences.
8. The promos had raised the movie-goers expectations way higher than they should have.
9. The director. :D

To enjoy it fully I recommend you to try dodging all spoilers, reviews (scathing ones to be specific) and trailers. No expectations. It's not a no brainer, bring your brain with you but leave your i-have-an-opinion-about-everything-attitude at home or just wait for it to be shown on cable, that way you won't be disappointed...:D

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