Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brainstorming Tattoos!!

There's a growing hype in the tattoo department these days and I have to admit I'm not immune to it. I've been considering getting a temp for the meantime and if I find it to be really good I'll get it turned to a permanent one. Sounds like a good bet to me. Hehe. Well so I've had a lot of ideas of where and what.

1. I've considered continuous tattoos. The types that start from the neck then goes down the spine with small symbols like stars or maybe spirals...

2. I find quotes and written tattoos really fascinating, however there's so much to choose from. Maybe a 'Hakuna Matata' or 'Carpe Diem' would look cool. But then I saw a guy who had a whole quote written across his forearm, no need to mention that I found it uber cool, but the idea that the tattoo pertained to his passion (read: dancing) made it so friggin awesome! Now I can't really have a pharmaceutical quote written across my arm. LOL. So let's forget the quotes.

3. Another cool idea is an ankle tattoo. Something like a dream catcher *I have a huge fascination with dream catchers*

Hah it's just too much of LA Ink in my head... I'll go sleep it off... but if you have better ideas do post them... would love the input...<3

A lil tidbit bout my love-hate relationship with Religion

I usually wonder, is this generation really that doubtful about God or are we just exhibiting our conformist natures yet again? Come to think of it, we are conformists in all areas of life. May it be education, marriage, sex, even as consumers, all are based on the flow rather based on what the mass is doing or using. Our beliefs and ideas are clouded by the thoughts and ideas of those that are handed down to us. And we just follow them as fools. Even spirituality is untouched in this sense. The million dollar question however is: Is it really just our "y-variable-tendency" or our curious nature that's getting religion in hot waters?

I have no idea really. But as for myself, I'm an agnostic. I cared to dissect exactly what kind of an agnostic I was months ago but I've forgotten it now so let's just place it in lay-man's terms, I neither believe nor disbelieve until proven. I asked a lot of my Indian friends and I was surprised that most of them agreed with me and didn't care to uphold the ideals of Hinduism or religion in general even if they secretly were religious. For those who did, much respect however it didn't help to persuade me. Then back in Philippines, the faith was a little stronger, as most of my friends are quite vocal bout their spirituality.

But then why is it that believing in God or being spiritual needs to be associated to religion, to any specific one that is? I won't even go on about the mess religion has gotten us into, so why do we need set rules? I guess we humans need rules to remain grounded that's it. Sigh.

Another Comeback...

In true Dino Morea fashion, this is another comeback after a comeback (his in movies, mine in writing). I don't even know if it's worth the effort. No one comments or asks me to write again, save Sam and Karan ( you know i love you both). I feel like I'm just talking to myself, which I have been doing a lot lately. I have become so comfortable in my thoughts that its so scary coz I feel like I'm losing the need to have people to talk to. Is it common? I don't like to think of myself as a loner, because I'm not. I love being around people. I love interacting with people but at certain times I clam up. Anyway enough about me, let me narrate my strings of thought hoping it will keep me sane, for the meantime. Please do comment I'd love to know what you think of it. :)