Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Online Dating Stupid?

Come to think about it, what do people get from online dating? I mean the type wherein the components are actually continents apart.

Just a glance at the name and you can find two major problems. It's online and it's long distance.

I bet you have love in the relationship, compassion and probably you can even relate with them. At some level they(him/her) are like a lover and a bestfriend mutated into one.

But how well do you know them? Do you know their mannerism? Do you know how they act under certain circumstances?

You only know them by what they tell you about them, or how they act when they talk to you. Sounds really retarded, doesn't it? Like some loser type of a person would do. This just goes to show how blind and perfectly stupid people become in love. And definitely goes to show how much I know about love...

Is it stupid? This is a question that everyone involved should contemplate long and hard on.

Yes, love is supposed to be unconditional, you need not meet a person daily, or in this case at all to be in love, that would just make it conditional, but how sensible is it to be in love with the way a person talks or the way they pose for their pics. How sure are you that you know the real person you're dealing with, remember there are a lot of posers online, desperate posers who are the worst kind.

My brother says there are certain types of people who get into online relationships a. those who are despos, b. those who are ugly and losers in real life, c. those whose parents are strict and don't allow dating, d. those who have a lot of time at hand & e. (my addition to the list) PLAYERS. Think about it.

Yes, love is supposed to surpass all barriers, overcome all hurdles, and all the cliched crap. Does that mean you settle for something that is basically a manually operating relationship? When you don't feel like talking just log-off, when you feel like screaming at them they suddenly realize they have some work to do so they gtg (got to go), etc. Face it how real can this dating be?!

I'm not dissing on long distance-haven't ever met-online dating, but I'm facing the facts and just realizing the importance of physical intimacy in a relationship. Online dating makes you a seasoned mind reader, by seasoned I don't mean accurate rather a very stupid habit of trying to read the mind of everyone you talk to. You read between the lines, you imagine things, you try to figure out what's really going on or you just be detached if you want to preserve your sanity. This is just one of the cons. Sure it has its pros too. Pros being an ideal relationship, a person you can share anything with, enough space to not feel smothered, and a very easy exit plan. Despite this all it really doesn't beat Real relationships.

I personally think to be in a relationship like this and to actually seriously carry it out, be detached and try not to be too serious until you meet. Meeting can make or break a relationship and if it's the latter, being detached all along will help you cope with the heartbreak...

What do you think?

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