Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brainstorming Tattoos!!

There's a growing hype in the tattoo department these days and I have to admit I'm not immune to it. I've been considering getting a temp for the meantime and if I find it to be really good I'll get it turned to a permanent one. Sounds like a good bet to me. Hehe. Well so I've had a lot of ideas of where and what.

1. I've considered continuous tattoos. The types that start from the neck then goes down the spine with small symbols like stars or maybe spirals...

2. I find quotes and written tattoos really fascinating, however there's so much to choose from. Maybe a 'Hakuna Matata' or 'Carpe Diem' would look cool. But then I saw a guy who had a whole quote written across his forearm, no need to mention that I found it uber cool, but the idea that the tattoo pertained to his passion (read: dancing) made it so friggin awesome! Now I can't really have a pharmaceutical quote written across my arm. LOL. So let's forget the quotes.

3. Another cool idea is an ankle tattoo. Something like a dream catcher *I have a huge fascination with dream catchers*

Hah it's just too much of LA Ink in my head... I'll go sleep it off... but if you have better ideas do post them... would love the input...<3

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